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The history of the ICE - our acronym for Electronic Components Industry - founded in 1974 in Brazil, came up at first it as a subsidiary company of RWI (Rheinisch Westfälische Isolatorenwerke). Besides being the largest producer in the European market of insulators, it was also the major innovator of wire-wound resistors.

The ICE has devoted most of its production to meet the German market until 1979. After this, ICE and RWI followed independent paths. With the acquisition of automatic equipments last generation, the company began to produce to the most demanding and renowned customers in Brazil.

In 1983, the RWI passed your factory to the KRAH in Germany, together they became KRAH-RWI Group, a leader in technological development, holder of more than 85% of the European automotive market. Today, the group maintains two research and development centers, 14 factories around the world, with more than 1.600 employees.

Since 1996, the contacts between KRAH-RWI in Germany and ICE in Brazil based the KRAH-ICE BRASIL, making this the largest supplier of wire resistors, demander in the automotive area.

Already in 2000, the KRAH-ICE-BRASIL began to stand out, making progress and comproving its several qualities, among them ISO 9001, consecutively winning awards for quality in excellence, for example, those honored by DENSO (world leader in automotive technology).

Moving forward and facing challenges, it took the production of resistors DELPHI Automotive Systems do Brazil Ltda. too, ensuring cemented ceramic resistors of first category.

Thus, we continually increase, following the most modern principles of productivity, preservation of environment, and especially our greatest asset, the quality.

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